Live Chat & Talk – Real-Time Monitoring – Advanced Call Reporting

Unlike most CloudPBX service providers, Digital Future offers a NATIVE Omnichannel Contact Center solution included in the monthly fee. Omnichannel Contact Centers are essential in providing a holistic customer experience and the best in customer service.

In an Omnichannel Contact Center, each individual customer’s preferred method of communication, across all channels, can seamlessly connect and integrate. This allows customers and agents to pick up where they left off on one channel and continue the experience on another.

Digital Future offers extensive Omnichannel Contact Center features for greater efficiency and productivity. Through a Live Chat & Talk plugin, agents can communicate with website visitors in real-time via chat, video, and voice, ensuring continuous and personalized customer experience.

Real-Time Monitoring and Control

Monitor call queues in real-time and ensure your agents aren’t missing any important inbound calls. PREMHost provides a simple and intuitive omnichannel management solution that allows you to keep tabs on calls as well as your agents’ performance. All this without the costly and hard to set up functionality associated with traditional call center solutions.

  • Real-time monitoring with an Integrated Wallboard
  • Detailed reports of longest wait time and abandoned calls
  • Call Back options for customers unable to wait in queue
  • Workforce optimization and quality management

Advanced Call Reporting

PREMHost Omnichannel Contact Center increases customer satisfaction and helps you manage your individual agents’ and teams’ performance. Monitor in real-time caller’s wait in queue, and the time agents spend on calls. Our Advanced Call Reporting allows businesses to refine their queue and call strategies and ensure that customer satisfaction remains consistent.

  • Monitor user activity and extension statistics reports
  • Check average talk time and call distribution
  • Queue answered calls by wait time
  • Take note of SLA and callback statistics

Track Agent Performance

Get real-time statistics on answered calls, abandoned calls, wait time and more – all from a single unified console. Track your Contact Center’s performance and work towards reducing unnecessary customer loss and agent turnover as a result.

  • Listen in to hear important calls without your agent’s knowledge
  • Use the whisper function to train new agents during a live call
  • Barge in and take control of a call when agents get it wrong
  • Live chat & talk with your website visitors

Live Chat & Talk: Connect with Customers visiting your Website

With a WordPress Chat plugin, you can quickly and easily add live chat support to your website. Your website visitors will be able to chat with you and call your company in real-time. No need to call your number – they can connect with a single click. Connect visitors to your call center or sales team and watch conversion rates skyrocket! Calls are seamlessly forwarded to PREMHost free of charge using WebRTC technology.

If your website doesn’t run on WordPress, fear not. Live Chat and Talk is available for any CMS or custom-built site. Keep all your communications on one platform and save admin time, learning curve and monthly subscriptions! Your agents will love it and so will your customers! Even better, the live chat plugin is free, the calls and chats are free – all you need is the PREMHost CloudPBX!

Convert Visitors into Prospects

The average website visitor will typically stay on your site for 15 seconds and most websites have a 20%-40% bounce rate – that’s a lot of missed potential. With the our plugin you can:

  • Capture your website visitors as soon as they land on your site
  • Help them find what they’re looking for in real time
  • Turn visitors into prospects faster
  • Know what they’re looking for before you start pitching

Chat Not Enough? Elevate to a Call

While there are many chat plugins available, PREMHost offers your company the ability to elevate chats with your website visitors to voice or video calls – because sometimes a chat box isn’t enough to engage a prospect or solve technical issues!

  • Elevate chat to voice or video call – At no extra cost
  • Avoid website visitors having to call a number and speak to another agent
  • Increase conversions and Improve response times
  • Increase customer satisfaction through seamless interactions

Chat and Call from a Single Interface

Your agents access all visitor interactions through a single interface, so your customers never have to repeat themselves again. Offer consistent, easily accessible support through whatever communication channel your customers prefer.

  • Phone, Video and Chat from one interface
  • All communications channels available and visible to all agents
  • Pay one low monthly fee per month
  • Learn and deploy one system