Video Collaboration

Digital Future’s Cloud video collaboration is included as part of PREMHost’s all-in-one conferencing solution, and doesn’t require that your users learn another interface or application to use it. Our video conferencing solution is part of our easy-to-use Web Client or Desktop Application, allowing for real-time collaboration with colleagues across the world through face-to-face virtual meetings, video messaging, and multi-user conferencing.

PREMHost’s video collaboration service is far more than just standard video conferencing. PREMHost’s video collaboration provides Web Meeting support, which includes:

No Application to Install

A Single Interface for Users to Learn

  • Screen sharing
  • Whiteboarding
  • Meeting Chat
  • Remote Control
  • PDF Share for shared editing and mark-up
  • Polling
  • Meeting Recording
  • Attendee Audio Control
  • 250 Attendee Support

HD Quality Voice and Video - Guaranteed

All PREMHost implementations include Session Border Controllers to guarantee an uninterrupted flow of voice and video services, regardless of firewall settings. You’ll never need to troubleshoot or change firewall settings, or pay to replace or modify your current firewall. By deploying Session Border Controllers, Digital Future ensures that you’ll never need to worry about users that work out of their homes and the issues related to residential internet services because we’ve invested in technology to solve those problems before they occur.

Mobile Applications

PREMHost CloudPBX features native Android and iOS smartphone applications that set the standard for mobile business VoIP. With built-in tunneling to avoid remote firewall issues, calling over 4G or Wi-Fi is seamless and reliable. Both the Android and iOS apps fully support Google and Apple native Push services, allowing the application to idle in the background, rather than remain in the foreground consuming battery life.

Most advanced and reliable Android & iOS VoIP softphones on the market

No additional licensing costs for softphones

Push notifications save mobile battery life and ensure reliable notification of incoming calls and chats

Built-in SIP tunnel/proxy resolves any remote firewall issues

Voicemail and Call Recording Transcription

PREMHost can transcribe your voicemails AND your call recordings for faster and easier review. If you’re a contact center supervisor, you know how difficult it can be to find call recordings to review. No longer, because you will be able to view a transcription of the first minute of all your call recordings. Your users will also be able to review transcripts of their voicemail in the Web Client, the smartphone application and in their voicemail notification emails.

Digital Receptionist

Eliminate the need for a live attendant, and offer callers easy, self-help options. Unlimited auto-attendants are included with every PREMHost implementation, which offers automated answering, prompts, and call routing based on the caller’s selection or query. PREMHost also offers sophisticated scripting capabilities which can capture caller input, such as account numbers, to provide dynamic call routing. Callers always have the option to exit out of the auto-attendant or direct dial extensions at any time.

Call Park

One of the most requested and popular features in traditional PBXs is the Park feature. Park buttons programmed on Desktop Phones offer users the ability to “Park” a caller on a dedicated Park button for any user on the system to be able to quickly and easily pick-up the call by pressing the designated Park button. Most CloudPBX services do not offer support for the Park feature, or, if they do, it forces the user to remember and enter a short code. PREMHost supports the programming of up to 100 Park buttons on Desktop phones allowing your company to specify Park slots to specific Ring Group, Queues, departments etc.