Why Choose PREMHost CloudPBX?

Digital Future makes your company’s PREMHost CloudPBX implementation a success through professional, experienced implementation personnel, well-established processes and decades of experience. We are a cradle-to-grave service provider that even assumes responsibility for monitoring and remediating your internet service provider issues to ensure a high-quality experience.

Network Monitoring & Internet Performance Remediation

The performance of your internet service is critical to the delivery of any CloudPBX service, so we take the next step to assure that PREMHost services are delivered reliably and with the highest quality. Digital Future actively monitors your network’s performance to ensure that your company’s network infrastructure and internet service are functioning optimally. If they aren’t, Digital Future will troubleshoot and remediate performance issues with your internet service provider as part of our standard service. We do so by installing an appliance at each of your sites that constantly monitors your network performance. It also allows Digital Future support to directly access and troubleshoot phones and other devices important to our service delivery.

Full-Service Provider

Unlike virtually every other CloudPBX provider, Digital Future is a full-service solution provider. Every customer project receives the following:

  • A project manager
  • System Design with complete post-implementation documentation
  • Equipment provisioning and installation
  • Complete programming of the system based upon finalized system design
  • Number porting
  • Live end-user training
  • Custom user guides
  • Video tutorials
  • Scheduled cutover coordinated with number porting
  • Post-cut, next-day on-site support

Legacy Services Support

CloudPBX services are wonderful, but they do have some limitations when compared to a traditional PBX. Most CloudPBX service providers won’t or can’t address those limitations because their organizational structure can’t support it. Digital Future is structured to support all of the critical legacy services that your company continues to need, while offering seamless integration with our PREMHost CloudPBX services for them, AND, in most cases, significantly lowering their cost. Services such as:

Fax Machines

Our SimpleFAX service not only reduces the monthly cost of your traditional fax lines from $125 to $20, it adds several important features, without changing how you use your fax machines. You keep the same numbers, your employees interact with your fax machines exactly as they did before, but you also have a copy of every inbound and outbound fax available on our portal, and you can bypass having inbound faxes printed out and have them sent to an email address instead.

Legacy Overhead Paging Systems

If you spent thousands of dollars to install an overhead paging system that still works great, why should you be forced to rip it out in order to have overhead paging on your new CloudPBX? With PREMHost CloudPBX you don’t! For a small equipment and installation charge, we will seamlessly integrate your legacy overhead paging system with our service.

Point-of-Sale Analog Lines

If your POS devices still use expensive analog lines for credit card processing, we will replace those expensive lines with devices that emulate analog lines for a small equipment and installation charge. Say goodbye to your $125/month traditional line charge. Problem solved!

Analog Conference Phones

Did you invest $600-$1000 on analog conference phones from Polycom or another manufacturer and still want to use them with your new CloudPBX from Digital Future? No problem. For a small equipment and installation charge, we will seamlessly integrate your legacy conference phones into PREMHost and you can cancel those expensive phone lines.

As you consider your options for a CloudPBX service, ask your prospective providers if they are a full-service provider. Most will admit that they are not, but some will offer-up professional implementation services as an option. Here is what that means to your business:

No 3rd Party Contractors

Most CloudPBX providers are NOT structured to provide on-site installation services, project managers, or programming and design services, so you will be handed-off to a subcontractor from a separate company to fulfill all of those services. Therefore, the cost of those services will be high – very high – because they are not subsidized by a multi-year agreement. Most importantly, that subcontractor has no investment in the long-term success of your project because their relationship with your company ends when they complete it.

Dedicated Project Managers

Digital Future controls all aspects of our implementations. We never hand-off any aspect of your project to a third party. The only subcontractors used are for placement of phones on desks. In all cases, all equipment is preprogrammed and ready for use once it is connected, and a Digital Future project manager is on-site to manage and coordinate all installations.

No-Service vs. Full-Service

The vast majority of CloudPBX providers offer no implementation services of any kind. You will place an order online, phones will be shipped to you, and your staff will be responsible for all programming, phone installation, number porting and troubleshooting. Your support will come from Tier 1 support personnel who have no knowledge of your requirements, have done no design or data gathering for your service and will do no programming for you. This is one of the key reasons that so many businesses are unhappy with their CloudPBX service.