What is a CloudPBX Service?

A CloudPBX is a cloud-based service where the equipment, software and services for connecting phone calls is delivered by a single service provider from a secure, highly-redundant datacenter facility. The CloudPBX has become the primary choice for business communications because it requires little up-front investment in equipment or software, offers built-in redundancy, and enables businesses of any size to leverage the most recent communication technologies.

With a PREMHost CloudPBX Service from Digital Future, your business will have the freedom to place calls from a desktop phone or mobile device, or through our easy-to-use desktop and web apps, allowing employees to answer and manage calls from Everywhere. PREMHost CloudPBX saves businesses thousands in operating expenses by eliminating the inherent obsolescence and high maintenance costs of on premises equipment and replacing expensive, unreliable traditional circuits with ubiquitous internet services.

PREMHost CloudPBX Advantages

Enable Employee Mobility

While CloudPBX services enhance the functionality of desktop phones, they revolutionize worker’s communication on the go, thanks to purpose-built apps for laptops and mobile devices. Remote employees and mobile workers retain all the communication capabilities that they have in their office with no extra cost or complexity.

Significantly Reduce Communications Costs

Traditional telephony services and on-premise equipment demand tremendous upfront investment and expensive maintenance contracts. PREMHost CloudPBX services, on the other hand, have a small capital investment and have a predictable monthly fee, which includes all communications services, unlimited help desk support and all programming changes.

Reduce IT Staff Workload

Digital Future’s PREMHost CloudPBX includes all initial programming and design, all future moves, adds and changes and all user help desk support. Your IT staff has plenty of things to keep them busy 24-hours a day, so we will take the entire burden of implementation and ongoing management off of their plates, and we’ll guarantee that you’ll be satisfied!


There’s no need to call anyone to update your call routing or forward your extension to your mobile phone. PREMHost CloudPBX lets each user quickly and easily make changes on the fly from any computer or mobile device so that users can easily customize their status as needs change.

Rapid Deployment

Thanks to its virtual foundations, PREMHost CloudPBX can be up and running in a much shorter timeframe than a traditional PBX. The PREMHost CloudPBX service can be turned-up, with new phone numbers and ready for programming within 2 hours of an order. No new cabling, no seven-foot-high server cabinets, and no telecommunication companies taking 4 weeks to install new phone lines.

Reliability and Redundancy

By its nature, PREMHost CloudPBX is redundant. If the power in your office were to fail, your company would still be able to make and receive phone calls and function normally by using our smartphone application with mobile broadband internet service. We also offer a 4G LTE automatic internet failover service for customers who require redundancy for all of their internet-based services.

Scale up or down without penalties or problems

As your business changes, PREMHost CloudPBX can easily keep pace. Need to increase or decrease employees seasonally? No problem. You only pay for what you use, and because there is no requirement to buy phones, you won’t be warehousing unused equipment.

Why choose Digital Future’s PREMHost CloudPBX?

Unlike virtually every other CloudPBX provider in the market, Digital Future is a full-service provider – meaning you don’t need to attend hours of admin classes, or struggle to try to understand new technologies, or ever answer a single user question. You won’t be shipped equipment to install yourselves or required to spend hours attempting to design and program a functional system. Digital Future will hand-off a fully tested, fully-functional CloudPBX service with all your numbers ported and without a minute of downtime for your business.